• Self-Care Saturday: Nutrition
What you put in your body matters! 

Establishing a practice of nutritious eating is essential to your overall well being and long term health. Plus, research shows that college students are able to learn better when they consume healthy, well-balanced meals – this means that a nutritious diet could lead to higher grades, better memory, and alertness. This Self-Care Saturday will help you explore how nutrition is essential to your self-care. Bring your favorite snack or comfort food to this event for a socially-distanced outdoor picnic!

Attendees will receive a free recipe book and basic ingredients to cook a meal from the comfort of their residence hall. Attend 4 or more Self-Care Saturday programs to be entered into a drawing for a HUGE self-care bundle package.

Space is limited, and RSVP is strongly encouraged. Learn more about Self-Care Saturdays and RSVP here: bit.ly/SUSelfCare.

*Mosaic encourages you to engage mindfully in experiences outside of the classroom, reflect on your experiences, and articulate the meaning of your experiences to others. This event will help you: Construct a Well-Managed Life and Develop-21st Century Skills.


Location: Score Quadrangle, the grassy area between Olin and Robertson