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Presented by Michael Maine ’07, one of this year’s 2020 18 Under 40 Alumni Award recipients.

Works in Progress by a Work in Progress is an abbreviated presentation of Michael Maine’s work that will be exhibited at Portland State University from August 10 through the end of September.  He will show and discuss works from three ongoing projects:

  • Homogeneity is a Myth (Photography Project)
  • Peace by Piece (Empathy Journaling Project)
  • To Be A Slave (Multimedia/Video Project)

These works are all designed to encourage reflection, dialogue, and action. As with all of his projects, his goal is not to tell people what to think, but to invite people to engage in discourse with communities they may not normally find themselves sharing the same space and time with. Much of this work is informed by the sociological background he developed while attending school at Southwestern University.

Michael B Maine ’07









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