• Manchester from Kersal Moor, with rustic figures and goats, William Wyld, 1852
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Featuring Dr. John R. McNeill, University Professor at Georgetown University

Dr. McNeill will deliver a one-hour public lecture on his new book project, “A Global Environmental History of the Industrial Revolution.” The book will trace the ecological transformations wrought by the dramatic increase in the extraction and transportation of the ores, fibers, lubricants, and other materials necessary for industrial production. While parts of this story have been told before (particularly on the local, regional, and national level), to date, no single volume has attempted to grapple with implications of these new patterns of land use on a global scale. Beyond previewing key parts of this crucial story, then, McNeill will also discuss some of the challenges and choices that come with embarking on this kind of scholarship.  

Speaker Bio: 
Dr. John McNeill was born and raised in Chicago and remains passionately devoted to the professional sports teams of the Windy City. He was awarded a B.A. from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. from Duke University. Since 1985 he has cheerfully served two masters, as a faculty member of the School of Foreign Service and History Department at Georgetown. From 2003 until 2006 he held the Cinco Hermanos Chair in Environmental and International Affairs, until his appointment as University Professor. He teaches world history, environmental history, and international history at Georgetown; and writes books, and directs Ph.D. students, mainly in environmental history. He lives an agreeably harried existence with his triathlete wife and their four exuberant children. If he had time, he would enjoy hiking, tennis, and travel. He makes the time to enjoy playing basketball with grad students once a week.

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