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Do you have a great opportunity this summer that you might have to pass on because of funding? Did you know that you can receive up to $5,000 this summer for your internship from Southwestern? Learn about how to earn internship funding and/or academic credit for internships.

As Southwestern seeks to provide life-changing, high-impact experiences to all students, we wish to ensure that limited funds are not an obstacle. Internships help students move beyond the classroom and encourage students to think more effectively about their understanding of the world and make connections across subjects, borders, economic systems, and varying ways of life.  

Whether you plan to apply for funding this summer or next fall, it is mandatory to attend one of our information sessions to learn about the Funded Internship Program. Funding applications will only be sent to those students who have attended an info session. You will also receive detailed information about earning academic credit for internships (independent of or in addition to earning funding).