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Help for Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Anyone can report incidents of sexual misconduct to the University by contacting the Title IX Coordinator at 512-863-1111, SUPD at 512-863-1944 or the Dean of Students at 512-863-1624. Talking to any responsible employee (all Resident Assistants, all faculty and staff) also initiates the reporting process, as those individuals are required to share your report with the Dean of Students.

Make a Report


Send an email to the Title IX Coordinator

To speak confidentially with someone before deciding whether to initiate the reporting process, you may contact the Health and Counseling Center at 512-863-1252 or the University Chaplain at 512-863-1527. After hours, you may contact SUPD at 512-863-1944, say it is a confidential emergency, and ask to speak with a counselor, a nurse, or the chaplain.

Southwestern Yellow Book

Where to go? Who to talk to? Students, please download the SU Yellow Book for a comprehensive, printable manual on Help for Sexual Assault/ Sexual Misconduct. Faculty and staff, please download the Resources and Reporting Options manual.

Sexual Misconduct Resources and Reporting

Sexual misconduct violates the dignity of individuals and will not be tolerated within our community. It is a form of discrimination based on sex or gender that violates federal Title IX regulations and is prohibited by University policy. Sexual misconduct is any non-consensual sexual contact between individuals, including but not limited to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexual intercourse.

Resources: Help is Available

Reporting: You Have Options You may need medical attention, emotional support, and/or physical protection.


University Services during business hours, call:
SU Health & Counseling: 512-863-1252
University Chaplain: 512-863-1527

University Services after hours, call:
SUPD: 512-863-1944 or University Operator: 512-863-6511, say it is a confidential emergency, and ask to speak with a counselor, the chaplain, or a nurse.

Public/non-profit agency services:
The SAFE Alliance: Stop Abuse For Everyone (Austin): 512-267-7233
Williamson County Crisis Center/Hope Alliance (24/7): 800-460-SAFE (7233)
RAINN: Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network: 800-656-HOPE (4673)
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
TAASA: Texas Association Against Sexual Assault: 512-474-7190
Stalking Resource Center:

Not Confidential

First Responders:
Local Police/Emergency Services: 911
SUPD: 512-863-1944
If you contact local or University police, the matter will be investigated.

Any Responsible Employee: all RAs, all faculty and staff

Dean of Students: 512-863-1624

Reporting: You Have Options

You may need medical attention, emotional support, and/or physical protection. You may continue to use confidential resources for as long as needed, without an investigation being set in motion. You may also…

Report On Campus

  • Call the Title IX Coordinator: 512-863-1111, SUPD: 512-863-1944 or the Dean of Students: 512-863-1624, or
  • Tell any Responsible Employee (all Resident Assistants, all faculty and staff), required to share your report with the Dean of Students.

Reporting an incident to campus authorities initiates an inquiry. If the reporting party makes a request not to pursue the matter through the University’s disciplinary process, the University can honor that request in most cases. However, if the respondent (alleged violator) used a weapon, has a history of similar violations, or represents a danger to the campus community, a full investigation must be conducted, even if the reporting party does not want it to go forward.

Interim measures, such as no-contact orders and housing accommodations, may be put in place whether or not an investigation is underway.

An investigation is conducted by an investigator (Dean of Students or designee). All parties involved in or witness to the alleged violation are interviewed, and evidence is gathered. In most cases, the matter will be referred to a hearing. The respondent is found responsible or not responsible by a hearing board made up of trained faculty and staff. The board reviews all available evidence and information, including statements made in person by involved parties, and makes a finding based on the preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not). The University is able to make provisions for a complainant (the person making the report) who does not wish to appear in person.

Students found responsible of violations of the University’s sexual misconduct policy are sanctioned according to the nature and severity of the incident. Probation, suspension, and expulsion are among the possible sanctions; a comprehensive list of sanctions can be found in the Student Handbook, part X, section 14.

Report Off Campus

Georgetown Police Department 512-930-3510

Reporting an incident to the local police sets in motion an investigation that is pursued (or not) fully at the discretion of the district/county attorney.

A student may choose to make a report both on campus and off campus, in which case two separate and unrelated processes will be conducted, one by the University and one by local law enforcement.