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Jennifer Frias

Cat Partners Advisor

Jennifer Frias

Cat Partners Advisor

Cat Partners of Southwestern University (CPSU) manages the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for cats at Southwestern University. Cat Partners cares for all free-roaming cats on campus—both stray and feral. We feed*, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and provide for veterinary care as needed for the feral cats. We help stray cats by reuniting them with their owners or finding them new homes. Any kittens born on campus are fostered and adopted out. We are an all-volunteer group which includes faculty, staff, students, and neighbors.

The three feeding stations located on campus serve as bases for the colonies and help us to keep track of the cats’ activity. Cats are fed daily year round, with students handling most of the feeding during the school year and faculty, staff, and friends of Cat Partners feeding during summer break and over University holidays.

Cat Partners was started by a student, Alex Brown, in 2010, in an effort to protect and improve the lives of the feral cat population on campus.

Cat Partners does not function as a rescue or sanctuary for cats and we do not accept additional cats from outside Southwestern into our colonies. We are, however, happy to provide instruction in how to trap and information about managing cats in colonies off campus.

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Student Leadership
President: Joel Caballero
Vice President: Kate Henderson
Marketing and Social Media: Juliet Pridgen
Secretary: Audrey Kirkman
Treasurer: Kristie Cheng
Pumpkin Ambassador: Helene Spiewak

Staff Advisor: Jennifer Frias

*If you have any interest in helping to feed the campus cats, please email the advisor and/or vice president.