How Do I Join?

All of our fraternities and sororities practice deferred recruitment, which takes place in January, to give First-year students a chance to get settled, make friends and adjust academically before making a commitment to a Greek organization.  As a result, only upper class students may join a fraternity or sorority during the fall semester.  Meanwhile, the beginning of each spring semester is the busiest recruitment period for all SU Greek organizations.  Please review the information below about the various opportunities to learn more and/or join a Greek organization.

  • Spring 2020 Interfraternity Council Rush Rules and Guidelines


    1. IFC Spring Rush registration will begin on Wednesday, November 20, 2020. Please visit the IFC website ( )
      to access the online registration form.
    2. Each man desiring to go through Rush must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average as of Fall 2019. Eligibility also requires current enrollment in at least 12 semester hours.
    3. IFC’s Mock Rush event will take place on Tuesday, December 3 beginning at 8:00pm in The McCombs Ballroom. After a brief presentation by IFC members, eligible men will be divided into 4 groups and will visit all four fraternity houses.
    4. All Rush registrations must be completed no later than 5pm, Tuesday, January 14, 2020.
    5. All men participating in Rush will be emailed a link to an online training module hosted by .  All Rush participants must complete this training before participating in any formal Rush activities which commence on Thursday, January 16, 2020.


    1. All parties during rush will abide by University and IFC policies. Preference parties must be held in Georgetown.
    2. No alcohol may be served during any of the formal rush parties.
    3. Each fraternity will give four parties on Thursday, January 16 and two parties on Friday, January 17. Every participant must attend all four parties the first night. Silence begins at 12 noon on Thursday, January 16 and will continue until Bid Day activities commence on Saturday, January 18, except for formal parties.
    4. Participants will check in at The Cove at 7:45pm before Thursday night’s first party, which will begin at 8:00 pm and lasts until 8:30 pm. The second party will begin at 8:35 pm and will last until 9:05 pm. The third party will begin at 9:10 pm and will last until 9:40 pm.  The fourth party will begin at 9:45 pm and will last until 10:15 pm.
    5. Invitations to preference parties will be given to the IFC advisor on Friday, January 17 at 10:30 am in the Student Activities Office in the McCombs Campus Center.Between 11:15 am and 12:30 p.m. Friday, January 17, each participant who has one or more invitations to the preference parties will RSVP on the invitation and return it to the IFC Advisor and sign up for a maximum of two events. They should decline any other invitations received. Under no circumstance will they attend both parties of the same fraternity.
    6. Participants will check in at The Cove at 7:45 pm. Friday night’s first preference party begins at 8:00 pm and lasts until 9:00pm. The second party begins at 9:15 pm and lasts until 10:15 pm.   Association between fraternity men and participants will end at 10:15 pm.
    7. If a participant should have any questions or concerns during the silence period, he may speak with the IFC Advisor - Derek Timourian (512) 863-1665 (office) or (512) 818-9993 (cell).


    1. No one may be offered a bid before Saturday, January 18. All bids will be given to the IFC advisor by 7:00am on Saturday, January 18 in The Cove in the McCombs Center. Bids must be picked up by participants at 7:30am in The Cove on Saturday, January 18.  If a participant is unable to pick up his bids, he should notify the IFC advisor before that time.  Participants must mark their returned bids Accept, Reject, or Undecided.
    2. A participant marking his bid undecided has a week to declare his choice. In order to declare, he must notify both the IFC advisor and the fraternity he wishes to pledge. If he does not declare within a week, he must notify the IFC advisor that he will not accept any bids this semester.
    3. In the event a participant is extended multiple bids, all other bids must be declined before choosing to accept one.
    4. If a participant accepts a bid to one fraternity but then drops, he may not be extended offers by any other fraternity. However, if the candidate has participated in the rush process, it is within a reasonable amount of time since bids were extended, and unique circumstances exist, a participant may be granted an exception to this rule with the consent of the majority of the IFC general assembly.
    5. No fraternity shall make an effort to secure the acceptance of a bid by altering the expenses involved in being a pledge or initiate of the respective group. This includes all pledging fees, dues, initiation fees, assessments, house room and board or other related expenses to the individual. The Participant, if pledged, will be required to pay the same standard cost as any other pledge in the respective group.  Financial assistance from alumni to the chapter given at the request of the chapter in the form of a scholarship to the individual participant will be considered illegal outside of the formal scholarship process – see #6 below.  Any case in which a person’s expenses are altered in any way from the standard costs of the chapter must be brought to the attention of the IFC, which must approve any action.  Conviction by the IFC for an infraction of this rule will result in a minimum fine of $250.00 per case.  Rush probation for the following semester, plus an additional fine when a fraternity does not cease such action, is recommended.
    6. Financial assistance in the form of a need-based scholarship is available from all four fraternities, however, no formal offer of such aid can/will be made until after Bid Day on Saturday, January 18.

    Additional Rules

    1. A fraternity will be held responsible for any member’s action whether he is a present student, transfer student, alumnus, or member of that fraternity from another school.
    2. No favors are to be given at rush parties.
    3. No independent men may be used in organized fraternity rush.
    4. A pledge fee of $7.00 for each accepted bid must be turned in to the IFC treasurer at the IFC meeting on February 5, 2020, by each chapter.
    5. Only community spaces in each fraternity house will be utilized during IFC Rush events.
    6. No Rush participant will be allowed to enter any fraternity house between noon Thursday, January 16 and the commencement of Bid Day activities on Saturday, January 18 except for formal parties.

    Note: These rules were last revised and approved on November 5, 2019 by the IFC.

  • The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc., (NALFO) is an “umbrella coalition established in 1988 to promote and foster positive interfraternal relations, communication and development of all Latino fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism and education.

    Today, NALFO’s 16 fraternities and sororities are bound by a shared commitment to fraternal unity, family values and empowering Latino and under-served communities. Recruitment and membership intake for these organizations varies by chapters.

    Active NALFO Chapters at Southwestern University:

    Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc., Alpha Tau Chapter

    Recruitment for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.:

    If you are interested in joining Kappa Delta Chi at Southwestern University, then please contact our New Member Educator at for more information regarding Open Rush. Open Rush is when interested women can learn more about the organization and the events are normally held at the beginning of the fall and spring semester. Read about why young women just like you chose to be a part of kdchi by visiting our  testimonials page.

    General New Member Requirements

    • Full-Time undergraduate student
    • A cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or better.
    • A current member of a non-academic, non-professional or non-honorary sorority may not become a new member of Kappa Delta Chi
    • Cannot be a first-term freshmen (first term freshmen determination will be based on each university’s definition of a first-term freshmen. )
  • NPHC Membership Intake

    National Pan-Hellenic organizations, a collaborative organization of nine historically African American, international Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities, hold their membership intake processes in accordance with national policies. Membership intake within these organizations varies by chapter and can occur in either the fall or spring semesters. Each organization with advertise the beginning of the membership intake process. Fraternity and sorority membership is available only to Southwestern University students.

    Active NPHC Chapters:

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Upsilon Alpha Chapter - Prospective Members

    Recruitment/Intake for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

    Are you interested in learning more about Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)? If so—please contact Derek Timourian , Director of Student Activities, or Dr. Alicia Moore , Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Campus Advisor. They will get you in touch with the Upsilon Alpha Chapter President and Graduate Advisor so you can learn more about the membership intake process for the Upsilon Alpha Chapter of AKA here at Southwestern University! Please note—you do not need to sign up for Panhellenic recruitment if you are interested in participating in the intake process for AKA.