Fraternities at SU

How do I choose a fraternity?

Southwestern has deferred recruitment, which means that first year men have the opportunity to meet members of each fraternity throughout the fall semester. During the fall semester, many events are sponsored by each of the fraternities as an opportunity to meet the members.

This is an important first step. After learning about each organizations and meeting men from each, students are encouraged to determine which of SU’s four fraternities seem best suited for them.

We would suggest that you keep an open mind. Take plenty of time to make a decision. Don’t let your decision be influenced by others. Don’t be fooled by misleading stereotypes. The members of each fraternity are individuals. Take the time to get to know them.

When choosing a fraternity, think both of what you may gain from the group as well as what you have to offer. Do not be carried away by the glamour of the recruitment process. Be wise, open-minded, and sincere in your choice. Look beneath the exterior and find a solid foundation for judging the character of the men within each group. Consider every aspect of fraternity life carefully.

Get acquainted with as many different fraternity members as possible before you take the final step and sign your acceptance card. The group you choose will not only be your associates in college, but also your friends throughout life.