Business Club

About Us


Logistically, we draw in potential members through the promotion of two major event types.

  • First, we hold at least one workshop a month addressing a skill such as resume writing, interviewing, and networking.
  • The second event we hold is our “Speaker Series.” This is where alumni and professionals from a variety of backgrounds which match the interest of our members come to share their experiences and knowledge with us.

In addition to these meetings, we provide two experiences a month where students can practice the skills they have learned. Networking events, meals with alumni, lunch with the board of visitors, and mock interviews are a few examples.


Current Members

  • Gage Bausman
  • Catherine Burkhart
  • Kaelyn Connelly
  • Jorge Cuervo
  • Santiago Cuevas
  • Antoni Diaz
  • Kate Dudley
  • Joseph Eaton
  • Liam Franco
  • Yeva-Mariya Hayko
  • Hannah Jones
  • Yamila Lara
  • Travis Moore
  • Abrie Morales
  • Romania Ntoti
  • Ashley Odell
  • Sebastian Ortiz
  • Aleksandar Perak
  • Jenny Pham
  • Renyck Robertson
  • Sabina Sanchez
  • Dugan Sexton
  • Michelle Taing
  • Alison Theile
  • Izzy Valenzuela