Student Foundation

Who We Are

Student Foundation serves as a link between students, staff, faculty, and administration at Southwestern. 

Student Foundation strives to engage the campus community in promoting the University through support of University events and programs. 


Student Foundation takes initiative to develop programs that encourage campus community and open dialogue among students, faculty, staff and the administration. Members also represent and assist with annual University activities and programs, including:

  • Orientation Week Events
  • Homecoming and Reunion Weekend
  • SING!
  • Charter Day
  • Family Days
  • Commencement
  • Other Special University Events (e.g., anniversaries, Board of Trustee meetings/events, etc.)

Learn more about Student Foundation by reaching out to one of our current members.

Student Foundation maintains a membership of up to 40 students. Any Southwestern student may apply to become a member of Student Foundation. All current members must meet the following criteria to remain active.

Current Membership Standards:

Members must be enrolled at Southwestern University for the current academic semester.

Members maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average each semester.

Members are in good standing with Southwestern University - Office of Student Life verifies this with their records.

Members have a genuine commitment to the welfare of the University, leadership potential, effectiveness in meeting people, maturity, responsibility and time to actively participate in the organization’s activities.

Members must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of community service per academic semester.

The Executive Board reviews all current members qualifications to ensure membership standards are maintained in order to uphold the standards of the organization.

To inquire about membership, please contact the Chair of Student Foundation or the Adviser of Student Foundation. More information and Contact information can be found in the right column of this page.

2024 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides leadership, sets goals, and delegates authority and responsibility to other Student Foundation members. Members are divided into committees that oversee detailed planning of Student Foundation activities and initiatives. The Office of University Relations - Alumni

  • Sophia Trifilio, Chair
  • Jorge Diaz-Cuervo Pueblita, Co-Chair
  • Damien Moralas , Membership Co-Chair
  • Joy Clayton, Public Relations Co-Chair 
  • Emma Williams, SING! Chair 
  • Madison Vela, Homecoming Co-Chair
Student Foundation Advisor

Becky Rodriguez
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Office: 512-863-1482