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Student Activities Programs

The Office of Student Activities, located in the Red and Charline McCombs Campus Center, is an office designed for you…the student. The staff of the office recognizes co-curricular involvement as an important part of the college learning experience. Active participation in student organizations provides an opportunity for skill development, responsibility, and social interaction. Programs sponsored by the Office of Student Activities include: Friday Night Live, Cove Nights, Leadership Development Series, and many others.

Mission of the Office of Student Activities

The mission of the Office of Student Activities is to act as an advisor, ally, administrator, educator, and mentor to the students of Southwestern University by facilitating learning experiences through leadership opportunities, student organizations, social activities, and other services that promote personal growth and the empowerment of students for success in our diverse community, as well as beyond.

Student Activities Staff

The staff of the office is committed to helping you make the most of your college experience. Resources are available on a wide variety of topics including program planning, motivation, delegation, communication, leadership, and many others. If you need assistance with a program or advice, simply call (512) 863-1345 or come by the office to speak with us. We are here to help!