Equipment Checkout

In order to support our 90+ student organizations, Student Activities offers a variety of resources to help make your events as successful as possible!  See the list below to learn more about what you can check out.



Concerning Equipment Check Out 

 Due to Southwestern University’s March 11th COVID-19 Update (note: the update can be viewed here - )   Student Activities has temporarily suspended Equipment Check Out until further notice.

Please direct any questions about Student Activities Equipment Check Out to Derek Timourian,
Student Activities Director, at or 512.863.1665.













To check out equipment, please make a reservation for the gear by noon on the day prior to the desired pickup.  Check out the extensive equipment list below and get equipped for your event!

List of Available Equipment:


Ice Chests

Water Coolers

Wire Racks for food warming

Extension cords 

Battery lanterns

Portable speaker for use w/ MP3 and/or microphone


Giant checkers

Giant chess

Giant connect four

Giant jenga



Equipment Check Out Request Form

Important Notes to Potential Equipment Users:

#1 - This is a request form only. You will receive a confirmation email within one business day. This email will indicate whether or not your reservation can be processed/confirmed.


#2 - Please make all requests by 12:00 p.m. at least one day before the requested pickup day/time in order to provide sufficient time to process your reservation and prepare the equipment.


#3 - Failure to complete this request form correctly/completely Student Activities’ ability to process/confirm your request in a timely manner.