History and Architecture

Chapel Lounge, Chapel Garden, and “Madonna and Child”

The Chapel Lounge east of the chapel is used as a meeting place for small groups, a robing room for processionals, and a dressing room for wedding parties. The three small windows, formerly in the apse of the chapel, were transferred to the north wall of the lounge. Each contains the seal of Southwestern University.

North of the lounge, on the east side of the chapel, the Chapel Garden symbolizes the peaceful influence of the chapel. In the garden is the sculpture “Madonna and Child,” done in cast stone by Charles Umlauf, an internationally renowned sculptor from Austin, Texas. The work is known as restrained modern art and places special emphasis on form.

When dedicated in 1953, it was located in front of the chapel’s south façade. The sculpture was moved to the garden during the 1981 renovation. It was donated in memory of South Carolina Easley Root by her daughter, Margarett Root Brown, the spouse of Herman Brown.