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Dog Policy & Registration Form

Dog Policy

Southwestern students, faculty, administration, staff, and visitors are allowed to bring dogs on campus that are properly controlled, and that present no danger or nuisance to the Southwestern campus. In general, dogs are allowed on the grounds of campus, but are not allowed inside buildings (for exceptions, see Service Animals, p. 41). Each fraternity may have a single dog residing in or visiting the house at any time. The fraternity president must identify and register the dog with Residence Life as the sole resident/visiting dog before the dog is brought to campus. All dogs must be currently licensed and tagged by the City of Georgetown Animal Service, and registered, without charge, with the Southwestern University Police Department. Off-campus residents who bring their dogs to visit should also register with SU Police Department without charge.

Rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinary surgeon is required for all dogs yearly. The current rabies vaccination tag must be properly displayed on the dog’s collar at all times.

No dogs shall be allowed to run loose on campus. All owners should keep their dog restrained by leash or kennel and must be directly supervised.

If a dog is found unattached on the Southwestern campus, the following steps are recommended to the SU Police Department:

  1. Notify the owner or other responsible parties by telephone that their dog has become loose and is in violation of dog ordinances.
  2. Issue a warning to the owner to control the dog and prevent further violations.
  3. Issue a Southwestern Loose Dog Ticket to the owner in the amount of $10 to be paid to Southwestern University.
  4. Call the City of Georgetown Animal Services for assistance.

Should a dog become loose and considered dangerous on campus, the City of Georgetown Animal Services should be notified, along with the pet owner.

All City of Georgetown animal ordinances have complete jurisdiction and should be fully enforced at Southwestern University

Dog Registration Form

Please use this form to register your dog with SUPD before bringing it to the Southwestern University campus. 

SUPD Dog Registration Form