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Fitness and Wellness

Welcome to SIRA’s Summer Virtual Fitness Classes. 

All SU community members can access these workouts, which will fit any schedule, for free this summer by registering online. However, as during the academic year, access to the classes is limited to registered participants who have completed a Summer 2021 Fitness Registration Form.  

SIRA’s Summer Virtual Fitness provides SU community members to access 70+  BootCamp and Yoga classes that were recorded during the 2020-21 academic year
Below is class description and an introductory video for each class.
Free Online Registration all-inclusive SIRA Virtual Fitness 
will be required to view any/all additional classes in the 70+ video library

Hatha Slow Flow Yoga
This meditative breath guided practice gives individuals time to explore and refine each pose. The pace of the class places emphasis on safe alignment and finding a variation of each pose that allows you to customize your own practice. This is yoga for all, including newer students, who need time to learn and explore, as well as, for seasoned yoga practitioners looking to deepen their awareness by slowing down.

Your cardiovascular and muscular fitness will be challenged by this class which incorporates calisthenics, plyometrics and an assortment of bodyweight exercises. Join us for this challenging workout consistently and you’ll change your body for the better.


Please direct any questions about SIRA’s Virtual Fitness Classes
to Derek Timourian, SIRA Director,
at 512.863.1665 or