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Appointments, Nominations, Patronage

Appointments, Nominations, Patronage Series: 1961-1981
Linear Feet: 14.2 (34 document cases)
Status: Some files are closed but may be opened after review.
Boxes: 1045-1078

Many persons from Texas and elsewhere sought Senator Tower’s help in winning state or federal appointments or jobs, and materials here reflect his role in the process. Requests are for committee and advisory appointments, federal department appointments, federal and Texas judgeships, federal and Texas attorneys, federal and Texas marshal appointments, civil service positions, and appointments as Texas postmasters.

The files, which are arranged alphabetically by last name or subject, consist primarily of incoming letters of request, references and return correspondence, although the second subseries contains some subject files that describe policies and procedures. Some indexing was done for notable activities of well-known marshals and for V.I.P. correspondence. Among the names indexed are Governor George Wallace, Congressman and Vice-President George Bush, President Richard Nixon, Ambassador Anne Armstrong, Judges Sarah T. Hughes and John H. Woods, Sarah Weddington, and others.

Postmaster appointments for the state of Texas are arranged alphabetically by the name of the post office. A number of the files contain letters from Senator Tower’s constituents complaining about the Democratic Congress’ selections for these appointments and the methods used for gaining approval for their nominees. There are references to the blocking, by Congress, of Republican nominees during the Eisenhower Administration and news clippings explaining rule changes for appointments and the questions raised as a result of these changes. 

Federal Employment (1962-1979)
Subject Files (ca. 1968-1981)
Postmaster Appointments in Texas (1961-1968)