SU Makerspace Studios

The SU Makerspace Studios at Smith Library are makerspaces to gather, create, invent and learn. They are open to all SU students, faculty, and staff.

3D Print Studio: Print your 3D objects with the Ultimaker 3 Extended dual extrusion large volume filament printer or the Form 2 high resolution liquid resin printer.

Audio Studio: Record a podcast, interview, oral history or voice-over.

Media Lab [Sandbox]: Write code, build 3D models, or edit and mix audio and video.

Video Studio: Light and shoot video using the green screen or interview sets.

  • In the 3D Print Studio makerspace, you oversee the entire printing process, from preparing the printer, adjusting the settings, and fixing any issues that might arise in real-time while your object is being made.

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  • The Audio Studio is set up with DJ-style microphones, headphones and an audio recorder for recording interviews, podcasts, oral history projects, and voice-overs. One project using the Audio Lab is President Burger’s ”Higher Ed Podcast ” that airs on KUT Radio.

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  • The Media Lab [Sandbox] has applications for 3D modeling and video and audio post-production, including the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

    The Media Lab also has an AppleTV with projection and screen. This space is a great place to prepare for presentations and meetings.

    The lab has 10 Apple Quad-Core Intel i5 iMacs with 21.5 inch screens. The Media Lab is available anytime the Library is open unless it has been reserved for a class or meeting. Notices are posted when the Media Lab is not available.

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  • The Video Studio is an indoor video recording space with two pre-configured sets - a large green screen set and an interview/conversation set. The Video Studio also has an empty area which allows you to setup and create your own “set” to match your needs.

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