Liaison Librarians

Library Liaisons provide an important link between the library and academic departments across campus. Faculty are encouraged to reach out to their librarian.  

Liaison Librarians 2022-23

Animal Behavior Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Art and Art History Katherine Hooker 512-863-1024
Biology Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Chemistry and Biochemistry Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Chinese Language and Literature Hong Yu 512-863-1551
Communication Studies Emily Thorpe 512-863-1320
Data Science Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Design Thinking Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Early Modern Studies Megan Firestone 512-863-1221
Economics and Business Katherine Hooker 512-863-1024
Education Emily Thorpe 512-863-1320
English Emily Thorpe 512-863-1320
Environmental Studies Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Exercise and Sport Studies Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Feminist Studies Megan Firestone 512=863-1221
Health Studies Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
History Megan Firestone 512-863-1221
International Studies Hong Yu 512-863-1551
Kinesiology Amy Anderson 512-863-1639
Latin American and Border Studies Megan Firestone 512-863-1221
Math and Computer Science Hong Yu 512-863-1551
Modern Languages and Literatures Katherine Hooker 512-863-1024
Music Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Philosophy Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Physics Hong Yu 512-863-1551
Political Science Megan Firestone 512-863-1221
Psychology Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Race and Ethnicity Studies Megan Firestone 512-863-1221
Religion Alexia Riggs 512-863-1550
Sociology and Anthropology Emily Thorpe 512-863-1320
Theatre Katherine Hooker 512-863-1024