Study Rooms and Spaces

Smith Library Center has many study rooms and quiet spots for students.

  • Noisy, high-traffic spaces:

    • Academic Commons
    • Maria’s Cafe
    • Melville Alcove
    • Writers Voice Alcove
    • Periodicals Reading Room
    • Sandbox Media Lab

    Quiet spaces:

    • The Courtyard
    • Carrels around the compact shelving on the south side of the building. 
  • Noisy high-traffic spaces:

    • Computer lab (SLC 202/204)
    • Curriculum Room (SLC 206)

    Quiet spaces:

    • Any study room (groups of 2+ students have priority)
    • Carrels around the periphery of the floor
    • Chairs and tables outside of entrance to Special Collections
    • Prothro Room (no tables, but you’re welcome to study in here if it’s not in use)
    • Couch and chairs near the restrooms/back stairwell
  • Noisy, high-traffic areas:

    • This floor tends to be mostly quiet.

    Quiet spaces:

    • Study rooms (priority is given to 2+ students)
    • Study carrels and armchairs around the periphery of the floor
    • Any of the third floor alcoves.

    womens studies alcove

  • The DVD player and TV have moved!

    Located on the 2nd floor of SLC in room 201, across the hall from the 202/204 computer lab. 

    No key is needed, but the remote control can be checked out from the Infodesk. 

  • An individual listening station for CD recordings is available in the Periodicals Reading Room. This station is available for use when the library is open. Should you require assistance using this equipment, please contact the InfoDesk.

If someone is causing a major disturbance, please contact the InfoDesk for assistance.