• Microforms are scaled-down reproductions of documents, typically either films or paper, made for the purposes of transmission, storage, reading, and printing. 

    We collect newspapers and some journals on microforms, either on microfiche or microfilm which can be read on either of the library’s specialty reader machines.  

    The library has two readers:

    • an older, analog style machine
    • and a new digital reader that scans the microform and offers the ability to save it to a USB stick 

    Contact the InfoDesk for assistance in finding the correct microform and in using the readers. 

  • Microforms (microfilm and microfiche) are located on the first floor of the library, near the Courtyard.

    The film is located in a hallway-like set of metal cabinets, while the fiche are housed in a stand-alone cabinet on the wall. 

    Please do not re-shelve any microforms; leave them in the box on the desk to be re-shelved.