Faculty Lockers

Smith Library Center offers lockers for faculty use.

A small number of lockers are available for faculty use in Smith Library Center. Located by the main elevator on the 1st floor, the lockers provide a place to keep materials in the library. A locker can be checked out for a period of one semester on a first-come, first-served basis with renewals allowed if available. For more information, or to submit a request for a locker, contact Jean Whewell.

Please note:

  • All library materials kept in a locker must be checked out to the person assigned to the space.
  • Library staff will periodically inspect lockers. Any library materials not checked out will be removed and returned to the stacks.
  • The lockers are not designed to secure personal property and valuables. These items should not be stored in them. The library is not responsible for damage or theft of any personal items.