Copyright, Fair Use, Public Performance Rights Information

The library provides guidance in Copyright and Fair Use questions, but not legal advice. Consult a copyright specialist or lawyer for in-depth information.


A good general rule of thumb:  If the author, producer, or distributor of a copyrighted media work would be deprived of income (no matter how small) from the sale or rental of their intellectual property by your actions, it would be in your best interest not to copy, broadcast, or publicly display the work in question. 

  • Photocopies of journal articles and chapters of books may be placed on reserve when determined to be in compliance with copyright law.

    Information about copyright compliance can be found on the library’s Brief Guide to Copyright & Fair Use. The guide includes links to tools designed to help you determine if use of an item is fair use.

    Items which cannot be placed on reserve:

    • Photocopies which do not meet copyright compliance
    • Materials borrowed from other libraries
    • Interlibrary loan materials
    • Rental materials
  • The Library has created this Brief Guide to Copyright to provide SU community with basic information about copyright law and fair use in an academic setting.

    This guide is not meant to offer or substitute for legal advice. Please consult a qualified legal resource for specific copyright legal information.