Alcoves (Themes and Locations)

The library has five unique spaces for student study and reflection.

Alcove Collections

The library’s five special study alcoves are all furnished with subject collections designed to invite further exploration.

  • The Melville Alcove includes works by and about Herman Melville as well as those of his contemporaries. (First Floor)
  • The Dobie Alcove includes works by and about J. Frank and Bertha Dobie. (Third Floor)
  • The Enduring Legacies Alcove serves to showcase a few of the library’s most generous donors and their gifts to Special Collections.  (Third Floor)
  • The Women’s Studies Alcove collection includes works by and about women, with most titles recommended by university Feminist Studies faculty.  (Third Floor)
  • The Lynne Brody/Writer’s Voice Alcove highlights the published monographs and novels of Southwestern Faculty authors. (First Floor)