Audio/Visual Equipment and Technology

  • AV offers access to many types of equipment. Large equipment may be reserved online, by email, and at the AV office. Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis. There are no fees for using AV equipment for official Southwestern activities and events.

    Types of Equipment

    • Microphones
    • Sound Systems
    • Projectors
    • Tablet adapters
    • etc


    • Reservations must be made by 4pm the prior business day
    • Reservations for weekend and holiday events must be made by 4pm 5 business days prior to the event
    • Reservations must have an exact room number, start time, and end time
    • Equipment can’t be delivered off-campus or to private spaces such as dorm rooms or fraternity houses
    • Student organizations can only reserve equipment for large public events
    • Student organizations can meet in spaces that already have AV equipment
    • Priority AV equipment assistance and problem resolution is available during regular business hours by contacting the AV office
    • Equipment may only be moved or relocated by qualified AV employees
    • Under limited circumstances contractors may reserve Southwestern AV equipment

    Reserve Equipment

  • Contact Us

    AV Services is located in PRC 250. You can email us at


    Reserve Equipment


    Office Hours

    Monday 8am-10pm
    Tuesday 8am-10pm
    Wednesday 8am-10pm
    Thursday 8am-10pm
    Friday 8am- 5pm
    Saturday 8am- 5pm
    Sunday Closed
  • AV offers many types of equipment that can be borrowed at no cost for Southwestern-related activities, events, and projects. Small equipment may be borrowed from the Infodesk on a first-come first-serve basis and require a valid Southwestern ID. Loan lengths may vary depending on our anticipated demand. Larger equipment can be requested for delivery and will be managed by AV approved staff.


    Be aware that you are responsible for any equipment that you borrow and must reimburse Southwestern for the full cost of the product’s repair or replacement if it becomes damaged, lost, or stolen. Additionally there is a late fee of $10 per day. 


    Types of Equipment

    • Microphones
    • Audio Recorders
    • Portable speakers
    • Video Cameras
    • SD Cards
    • Tripods
    • etc


    Reserve Equipment

  • AV Services is responsible for the audio, video and projection equipment around all of campus.


    Classrooms & Labs

    Installed Technology & Software


    Other Rooms

    Including the rest of the campus such as conference rooms, lounges, atriums, ballrooms, and more.

    Installed Technology & Software

  • Faculty and staff may request consultations regarding the addition of AV equipment to classrooms, labs, lounges, offices, and other campus locations.

    Our Services

    • identifying specifications for appropriate equipment
    • assisting with sourcing vendors
    • helping with assembly and installation
    • providing end-user training

    Funding for major audiovisual systems installations and upgrades must come from AV Services or departmental budgets. AV Services will fund a project if the purchased equipment will benefit the general campus community. Otherwise, the project must be funded by the benefiting department.

  • Copyright of AV content can get really complicated. Please contact us so that we can help you navigate the process of legally playing AV materials at your clubs, classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. 

    Generally, if your actions would deprive the creator, owner, or distributor of income it would be considered piracy and would expose both yourself and Southwestern to legal risk. 

    I need to create a video for a project

    • Keep a detailed log of all video/audio content including the title, producer/distributor, the exact start/end times, and a description
    • Video clips must be less than three minutes or 10% of the length of the video, whichever is shorter
    • Audio clips must be less than 30 seconds or 10% of the length of the audio, whichever is shorter
    • Video projects may only be used for the class project and for student portfolios

    I want to show a movie on campus

    Showing a commercial movie for an audience requires that you purchase the public performance rights for that movie. This tends to cost a lot more than a normal movie rental but is cheaper for old movies. Sometimes independent movies and documentaries are free for public performance.

    I want to show a movie in my class

    For academic purposes a movie can be shown without public performance rights but must meet certain criteria. These include:

    • the movie must be listed in the syllabus or course outline
    • the movie must be shown in a classroom
    • only enrolled students can attend
    • there must be some form of lecture, discussion, assignments, and/or testing based on the material

    I want to show a video on campus TV

    In order to broadcast a video on campus TV Southwestern must purchase the broadcast rights for campus cable TV. These are different than the public performance rights.

    I want to record video/audio on campus

    Depending on where you’re recording, different rules might apply.

    • Public locations are open to recording, but please be respectful
    • Classrooms require the professor’s permission to record
    • It’s best practice to ask at the beginning of your recording if it’s okay for you to record your subjects so that their consent is documented
    • Off-campus organizations must request the approval of Southwestern in order to perform any video or audio recording, including commercial organizations such as TV stations and news channels



    Books in SLC

    Youtube Videos

  • AV Services provides audio support for weddings in the Lois Perkins Chapel. The Chapel has microphones installed both at the lectern and the pulpit. Additionally, one wireless microphone is included free-of-charge.


    If more equipment is required please submit a reservation request at least one week in advance or contact AV services.

  • Apple TV allows iPhones, iPads, and Macs to seamlessly cast their device to a TV or projector. AppleTV is available in The Sandbox and some classrooms in the Fondren-Jones Science building.

  • Video Production

    With substantial advance notice and collaboration, AV Services may provide video production for campus lectures, presentations, and other important events. The event organizer must secure a written Video Recording Release from all speaker(s). Finished videos are placed on Southwestern’s Youtube Channel.

    Video Program Production

    Under special circumstances, AV Services may create short, high-quality video programs. These video programs must benefit activities that increase academic and student enrichment.