Theses and Honors Theses

  • Congratulations on finishing your Honors Thesis!

    To add your thesis to the library collection, we require two copies:

    • A paper copy to bind and place in our print collection.
    • digital format to be stored in our online  repository, SU Scholar . For more information on SU Scholar, see our guide

    If you’d like an optional second paper copy for yourself, as our gift to you, the Library will bind and mail one (1) additional copy at no charge.

    For this gift copy, you must submit the following information with your paper copies:

    • your name
    • email address (a non-SU preferably)
    • phone number
    • mailing address where your bound thesis can be mailed to in December.

    Arranging your Thesis Content for Binding

    You can arrange the content of your digital version however you like.

    For the paper copy, you need to:

    • give the library one complete copy with an original signature page on top.
    • allow a 1-inch margin on the left side of the page (more if you can) for any photos, and at least a 1/2-inch margin on the other three sides – the bindery will crop the pages in the binding process. 
    • allow a 1-inch left margin for text. Most theses have a 1-inch margin all around
    • separate each copy if you want more than one paper copy (each one in a folder, a different color of paper between the copies, etc. 
    • Make sure all the pages are in the correct order. Theses are sent to the bindery as they are submitted. Only the signature page is checked by library staff.

    The last day to turn in printed copies of your thesis for binding is June 30th.

    Where to deliver your paper copies for binding:

    Drop off your paper thesis to

    Debi Flummer

    Resources Department

    SLC Room 120 (1st floor, through the double doors by the bathrooms).

    Weekdays, 1pm-5pm are usually best; however, you can leave it with anyone in the department during morning hours. 

    Please do not leave unattended copies in the department. You may call Debi to arrange a time for drop off (512-863-1637).

    The last day to turn in printed copies of your thesis for binding is June 30th.

    For questions about theses and binding, contact Debi Flummer

    1. Sign a digital consent form then submit your thesis in whatever digital format you like to suscholar@southwestern.edu .
    2. Download and print a permission slip for your professor to sign allowing your thesis to be posted on the SUScholar website.
    3. Remit that printed permission form along with your print copy. 

    Contact the InfoDesk if you have problems with either form.