Study Rooms and Spaces

Smith Library Center has many study rooms and quiet spots for students.

  • Noisy, high-traffic spaces:

    • Research Commons
    • Coffee Bar
    • Melville Alcove
    • Writers Voice Alcove
    • Periodicals Reading Room
    • Sandbox Media Lab

    Quiet spaces:

    • The Courtyard
    • Carrels around the compact shelving on the south side of the building. 
  • Noisy high-traffic spaces:

    • Computer lab (SLC 202/204)
    • Curriculum Room (SLC 206)

    Quiet spaces:

    • Any study room (groups of 2+ students have priority)
    • The DVD viewing room (SLC 224)
    • Carrels around the periphery of the floor
    • Chairs and tables outside of entrance to Special Collections
    • Prothro Room (no tables, but you’re welcome to study in here if it’s not in use)

    Special Collections:

    • During Finals Week, the Special Collections reading room is often opened for absolute quiet study. No cell phones, food, talking, or noise is allowed. 
  • Noisy, high-traffic areas:

    • This floor tends to be mostly quiet.

    Quiet spaces:

    • Study rooms (priority is given to 2+ students)
    • Study carrels and armchairs around the periphery of the floor
    • Any of the three alcoves

    womens studies alcove

If someone is causing a major disturbance, please contact the InfoDesk for assistance.