All-Gender Restrooms

Thanks to a student-led campaign in Spring 2015, supported by SU Planned Piratehood, SU Fed Up, the Office of Diversity Education, and the Diversity Enrichment Committee, Southwestern University is now home to gender-inclusive restrooms. Gender-inclusive restrooms, often called gender-neural restrooms, provide essential spaces for our trans and non-binary students, as restrooms are often where they face a higher chance of assault and because being required to use a bathroom with a different designated gender than their own can cause dysphoria. A map of the All Gender Restrooms is included below.

  All-Gender Restroom Map


The All-Gender Restrooms, as marked in the map, are listed below, according to numbering on the map.


4.   Korouva Milk Bar: Only restroom

5.   Foundren Jones Science Hall: West restroom in 200 wing on second floor

8.   McCook-Crain Building: Handicap accessible restroom on first floor

9.   Mood Bridwell Hall: West handicap accessible restroom on third floor*

10. Joe S. Mundy Hall: First floor restroom*

12. A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center: Campus Operator handicap restroom

13. Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center: South restroom on second floor

14. Kyle E. White Building: Both restrooms

17. Athletic Field House: First floor handicap accessible restrooms

18. Corbin J. Robertson Center: Handicap accessible restroom in foyer hall on first floor

25. Brown-Cody Residence Hall: First floor restroom*

26. Herman Brown Residence Hall: Lounge

27. Ernest Clark Residence Hall and J.E. & L.E. Mabee Residence Halls: Handicap accessible restrooms on first floor

30. Dorothy Manning Lord Residential Center: Community Lounge

31. Red & Charline McCombs Campus Center: Third floor restroom*

33. Moody-Shearn Residence Hall: Lounge

34. Louis Perkins Chapel: Courtyard Lounge 

35. Martin Ruter Residence Hall: Handicap accessible restroom on first floor

37. Kappa Alpha House: Handicap accessible restroom on first floor

40. Pi Kappa Alpha House: Handicap accessible restroom on first floor

*Some All-Gender Restrooms have multiple stalls and thus have a privacy lock for when they are in use as a gender inclusive restroom.

The All-Gender Restrooms are marked, as needed, with the following placards and symbols. 


To support trans and non-binary people on campus, the ODE suggests learning the locations of the All-Gender Restrooms, so you may direct people to these restrooms.