Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Center


The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Center is proud to provide several resources for the Southwestern University community to help support students that are historically underrepresented and for the entire campus community.   More information and details are provided below about each resource. 

All-Gender Restrooms

Through the efforts of a campaign led by students in SU Planned Piratehood, SU Fed Up, and the JEDI Center, All Gender restrooms were established on campus in 2015. A map indicating the locations of these restrooms can be found below.

All-Gender Restroom Map


Educational Awareness Resources on Racism/Bias

The JEDI Center has created a list of resources on racism/bias. Use the link below to access these resources. 

List of Resources



The JEDI center hosts several workshops throughout the year and upon request. These workshops are designed to educate students about various aspects of social justice and diversity.

List of Current Workshops


Dimensions of Diversity Certificate Program

The Dimensions of Diversity Certificate program discusses foundational information about how to create transformational change within institutions. Join us on this 5-week series as we introduce different dimensions of diversity and inclusion and will discuss how to address systemic forms of social inequities.

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 DIBE Initiatives 

In February 2023 members of Southwestern’s Black Student Union (BSU) provided the University with a list of proposals and initiatives aimed at advancing diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity (DIBE) on campus. The section below is a progress report on items from the BSU list as well as other initiatives being implemented or planned by the University. Please check back regularly for updates.

Progress on DIBE Initiatives 


 Student Diversity Resources

Diversity at Southwestern lists resources of support for students who identify as members of historically underrepresented groups. 

Diversity Resources for Students


Bias Reporting

To report incidents of bias that you have experienced or seen, please use the Bias Incident Reporting Form available on the Reporting Options for Students Issues and Concerns page.

Reporting Options for Student Issues and Concerns