JEDI Student Organizations


Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge

Rally in support of the plaintiffs of Juliana vs. the United States

Statement of Purpose: 

We believe that sustainability is for everyone and that a sustainable society is one that honors the earth and all its inhabitants. We strive to create this society by educating ourselves and others on our connection to the planet and on the local and global impacts we have on its vital systems. We aim to disrupt consumptive mindsets, advance environmental justice, and foster a more sustainable future for all.

Events Include:
  • Plogging (picking up litter while jogging/walking)
  • Regular discussions on topics in sustainability 
  • Garden days
  • Annual Earth Day (April 22nd) and Earth Week Events
For more information about Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge (SEAK) please contact:

Noor Nazeer, Co-President

Nafisa Nazeer, Co-President


 “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  

 — Dr. Seuss, The Lorax