Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Center

JEDI Student Organizations

JEDI Student Organizations are registered cultural and social identity organizations at Southwestern University. This group has grown from six organizations in 2011 to more than ten organizations.


The mission of the JEDI Student Organizations is to foster an inclusive and supportive community of student organizations that promotes and celebrates diversity. JEDI Student Organizations are a united voice dedicated to empowering the SU community to challenge the oppression of any individual or group.


Our collective vision is to be an effective organized forum for students to discuss the issues surrounding justice and to act upon these issues in order to institute real change within our campus community.


The purpose of the JEDI Student Organizations is to challenge systems of oppression by the following:

Educate the greater community on issues of social justice and diversity.

Create and facilitate a broad and deep awareness and understanding of unique/different experiences.

Providing an inclusive environment for our members and community where support will be provided for student leaders in the fight for social justice.

Striving to create a safe place for everyone.


JEDI Student Organizations serve as an umbrella organization to the following eleven culture, identity, and social justice groups on campus:

Students from each of these organizations come together to show support for one another, and seek to educate the campus about the ways each distinct organization intersects with the others. Many of the members are in multiple JEDI Student Organizations, and all members are encouraged to attend events hosted by each of the ten organizations to show solidarity cross-culturally and across social justice issues.

JEDI Student Organizations represents over 500 students and alumni between the organizations it serves. The home of the organizations is in the JEDI Center, which is located on the 3rd floor of the McCombs, MCC 334.