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Hispanics and Latinx Organization (HALO) is a student organization dedicated to fostering awareness and education about Hispanic and Latinx culture.  HALO unites students on campus and encourages leadership, service and empowerment of students.


We are committed to raising awareness of issues affecting the Hispanic and Latinx community at large. Collectively we also aim to serve as a support group for Hispanic and Latinx students on campus.

Annual Events Include: 
  • Fiesta Night
  • The Feast
  • Salsa Night
  • Cesar Chavez Day Celebration
  • Dia de los Muerto - Sugar Skulls Workshop (pictured at right)
  • Friday Night Live Events
  • Latino Leadership Summit
  • Hispanics and Latinx Heritage Month
For more information about HALO please contact:

  Jorge Castillo, castill6@southwestern.edu, president.

 Dr. Carlos De Oro, deoroc@southwestern.edu, advisor.