• Pirate Cards are created upon request at the Infodesk. They will confirm your identity, take your photo, and create your Pirate Card on the spot.

  • A Pirate Card can be used:

    • As your library card
    • To pay Library fees
    • To purchase food at The Commons or The Cove
    • To open doors after-hours
    • As a form of identification
    • The card will work every year.
  • You can check your Pirate Bucks balance:

    • online
    • in the business office
    • at the fill station in the periodicals section of the library
    • at the fill station in McCombs near the Cove entrance
  • If you have a lost or broken Pirate Card, it can be replaced at the Infodesk. Lost or broken cards incur a $20 replacement fee. Pirate Cards that don’t function due to normal wear-and-tear can be replaced at no cost.  Cards will work for all four years unless damaged. Card replacement is unavailable after 9pm Sunday - Thursday and all day Saturday.

    Contact the Infodesk

  • Southwestern alumni are eligible to receive a Pirate Card and all of their benefits.  You may request a Pirate Card by submitting a request form. Your Pirate Card must be picked up in person at the Infodesk.


    For more information contact the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations.

  • Faculty/staff dependents are eligible to receive Pirate Cards and all their benefits. You can request a Pirate Card for your dependent by submitting a Pirate Card Dependent Form.