Majoring & Minoring

Latin America

The International Studies Program consists of a combination of a major and a concentration. For those interested in Latin America, the requirements are: 

A. A Major   (Minimum 9 courses)

This can be in Art History, History, Anthropology, or Political Science. These majors provide not only a strong disciplinary base from which to study Latin America, but also provide international and comparative perspectives expanding your understanding of Latin America in a global context. At least two courses you take in this major must focus on Latin America. Of course, you may take more.

B. A Latin American Concentration:  (Minimum 5 courses)

1. Advanced Language: Two Spanish language courses at the 300 level or above. These courses must include at least one literature course. You are encouraged to take conversation classes, but these courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

2. Study Abroad: The required study abroad experience must be directly related to the Latin American area of emphasis. The program, satisfied by one or two semesters in a study abroad program, must entail significant work in Spanish. The International Studies Program has a set of approved study abroad programs. Exceptions require International Studies Committee approval. You should discuss your plans with your advisor and receive the Committee’s approval a year in advance of the experience.

3. The Latin American Area of Emphasis: Three courses on Latin America are required. These are in addition to the two taken in the disciplinary major. You should take courses approved as Latin American International Studies courses (see the list below) from at least two different disciplines in addition to your disciplinary major. One course on pre-1500 Latin America can be substituted for one of the approved International Studies courses listed below with the consent of the International Studies Committee.

In sum, the I.S. Program totals approximately 14 courses. At least 7 of those will be on Latin America and on Spanish language/literature. You will also be credited with a major on your transcript.

Note that by the end of the sophomore year at the latest, all students will complete the form called International Studies Plan of Study. See the Majoring page for further details.

Latin American Area Approved Courses
Fall 2017 courses are underlined.


ANT35-244 Race, Class and Gender in the Caribbean
ANT35-254 Latina/o and Latin American Spiritualities

Art History

ARH71-034 Intro to Art History: Latin American Art
ARH71-314 Art of Mesoamerica
ARH71-324 Art of the Andes
ARH71-344 Colonial Latin American Art
ARH71-364 Native Books, Images and Objects


HIS16-364 Colonial Latin America
HIS16-374 Modern Latin America
HIS16-654 Latin American History in Film and Literature
HIS16-664 The Mexican Revolution


PHI18-284 Philosophies of the Americas

Political Science

PSC32-484 Politics of Latin America & the Caribbean
PSC32-614 Latin American Politics
PSC32-764 Advanced Research Seminar in Latin American Politics


SPA15-334 Conversation Through Hispanic Cinema
SPA15-354 Cultures of Latin America
SPA15-504 Selected Topics in Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-514 Readings in Pre-20th-Century Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-524 Readings in Contemporary Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-534 Cultural Memory in Latin America
SPA15-614 Topics in Hispanic Film
SPA15-634 Latin America: Conflicting Use of Art (special topics)
SPA15-654 Citizenship & Conflict in Contemporary Colombian Cinema