International Studies

Majoring & Minoring

The International Studies Program integrates a disciplinary major with an area of concentration.

Students may choose from East Asia, Europe, or Latin America as their focus. The program consists of the following components: disciplinary major; global context; geographic focus; advanced language study; and study abroad.

By the end of the sophomore year at the latest, all students will complete the form called International Studies PLAN OF STUDY. The form details your geographical area of emphasis, the disciplinary major, the way the international experience requirement will be met, and the language you intend to study. This form is used to explain what themes or personal interests hold these four items together. Students who wish to change the basic thrust of their plan (and not just individual courses) will be required to fill out a new plan setting forth the same four items. The plan of study must be approved by the Chair of the International Studies Committee and must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Students may also pursue a Paired Major with French, German, or Spanish.

Note: IS approved courses are listed on the pages for each of the geographical areas.