International Studies

Majoring & Minoring

The International Studies Program integrates a disciplinary major with an area of concentration.

Majoring in International Studies

The International Studies program is designed for students interested in understanding other societies, cultures, and states as well as global systems: economic, social, religious, intellectual, political, aesthetic, and environmental. The International Studies integrated major & concentration consists of the following components: disciplinary major; global context; geographic focus; advanced language study; and study abroad. 

By the end of the sophomore year, all majors will complete the “International Studies Plan of Study” form. This will detail the geographic area of emphasis, the disciplinary major, the way the international experience will be met, and the language to be studied. The plan of study must be approved by the International Studies Chair and submitted to the Registrar.

The components of the International Studies major are:

  • The Disciplinary Major: Art History, History, or Political Science. Anthropology may also be selected for the Latin American concentration.
  • Area Concentration: East Asia, Europe, Latin America, or Global. Includes 3 geographical area courses and 3 foreign language courses beyond the general education requirement.
  • Study Abroad: At least one full semester study abroad.
Minoring in International Studies

The International Studies minor provides students outside of the integrated majors, and/or with an interest in global or comparative studies, the opportunity to pursue their interest in International Studies. In the minor, students explore international issues from a broad perspective by teaming a foreign language, and either focusing on a particular area of the world or taking courses from different geographical areas. Students minoring in International Studies are encouraged but not required to study abroad for a summer, semester, or year.

The International Studies minor consists of five courses:

  • Four courses from those listed in the International Studies area concentrations.
  • One semester of a foreign language beyond the general education requirement of three semesters. If a student has tested out of this course, a fifth course from any of the area concentration courses noted above will fulfill this requirement.
  • Three of the five courses in the minor must be taken at the upper-level.
  • A maximum of two courses may be taken from the same department.