East Asian Area approved courses
Spring 2018 courses are underlined.

Art History

ARH71-024 Introduction to Art History: East Asian Art
ARH71-204 East Asian Art & Architecture
ARH71-214 Arts of China
ARH71-224 Arts of Japan
ARH71-234 Ancient Chinese Art and Civilization
ARH71-244 Buddhist Art of East Asia
ARH71-254 Landscape and Environment in Chinese Art
ARH71-265 Art in China since 1911


CHI22-301, 302, 303, 304 Selected Topics
CHI22-312 Topics in Intermediate Modern Chinese: Ecological Problems
CHI22-322 Topics in Advanced Modern Chinese: Business Problems

CHI22-394 Chinese Calligraphy and Culture


HIS16-244 Ancient China
HIS16-254 Imperial China 589-1911
HIS16-274 Japanese Civilization
HIS16-564 Modern Chinese History
HIS16-584 Modern Japanese History

Political Science

PSC32-384 Japanese Politics, Culture, Society
PSC32-624 Germany and Japan: Losers of World War II?
PSC32-644 The Chinese Cultural Revolution


REL19-284 Introduction to Buddhism

European Area Approved Courses
Spring 2018 courses are underlined.

Art History

ARH71-054 Introduction to Art History: Modern Era
ARH71-044 Introduction to Art History: Greek and Renaissance Art
ARH71-305 Expressionism: Art, Architecture, Film

ARH71-414 Greek and Roman Art: Hellenistic Art
ARH71-434 Spain and America
ARH71-494 Modern Architecture
ARH71-544 Italian Renaissance Art
ARH71-514 Rococo to Romanticism
ARH71-524 19th c. Art in Europe and the United States
ARH71-534 Modernism and the 20th c. Avant-Gardes


ENG10-154 British Literature I
ENG10-164 British Literature II
ENG10-604 Topics in Medieval Literature
ENG10-614 Topics in Early English Literature: Early Drama
ENG10-624 Shakespeare
ENG10-654 Topics in 18th-Century British Literature
ENG10-664 Topics in Romanticism
ENG10-674 Topics in Victorian Literature and Culture
ENG10-684 Postcolonial London


FRE11-301, 302, 303, 304 Selected Topics
FRE11-314 Topics in Literature and Film
FRE11-334 Women In/On Film
FRE11-354 Topics in French Culture
FRE11-514 Studies in French Literature
FRE11-604 Topics in Literature and Culture
FRE11-614 Texts/Contexts


GER12-301, 302, 303, 304 Selected Topics
GER12-314 Reading German: Text in Context
GER12-332 Speak German!
GER12-344 Introduction to German Literature and Film
GER12-354 German Culture
GER12-454 Feminist Studies in German
GER12-514 Studies in German Literature
GER12-614 Texts/Contexts: Feminist Fairy Tales
GER12-714 Transnational Identity Narratives
GER12-734 Global Leadership and Intercultural Communication


HIS16-204 Early Modern Europe
HIS16-214 Modern Europe
HIS16-344 The Real Game of Thrones
HIS16-354 The Tudors: Politics & Culture, 1485-1603
HIS16-384 History of Human Rights
HIS16-394 Witch, Queen, Prostitute, Wife

HIS16-404 Modern France and Empire
HIS16-514 Muslims in Europe
HIS16-524 History of the British Isles since 1688
HIS16-534 Topics in British Culture


MUL80-114 Music Literature I
MUL80-214 Music Literature II
MUL80-314 Music Literature III
MUL80-414 Music Literature IV
MUL80-424 Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUL80-434 Baroque Music
MUL80-444 Classical and Romantic Music
MUL80-454 20th-Century Music


PHI18-614 Ethos, Identities, Differences (Critical Histories)
PHI18-624 Being, Structure, Change (Critical Histories)
PHI18-634 Experience, Language, Knowledge (Critical Histories)
PHI18-644 Peoples, Power, Organization (Critical Histories)

Political Science

PSC32-304 British Isles since 1688
PSC32-414 European Politics
PSC32-624 Germany and Japan: Losers of World War II?


SPA15-364 Cultures of Spain
SPA15-404 Selected Topics in Iberian Literature
SPA15-414 Readings in Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literature
SPA15-424 Readings in Contemporary Iberian Literature 
SPA15-444 Iberian Literature Abroad
SPA15-454 Race and Immigration in Spanish Literature
SPA15-464 Spanish Civil War
SPA15-644 Gender, Race and Nationalism in Spanish Cinema

Latin American Area Approved Courses
Spring 2018 courses are underlined.


ANT35-244 Race, Class and Gender in the Caribbean
ANT35-254 Latina/o and Latin American Spiritualities
ANT35-304 Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean

Art History

ARH71-034 Intro to Art History: Latin American Art
ARH71-314 Art of Mesoamerica
ARH71-324 Art of the Andes
ARH71-434 Spain and America
ARH71-364 Native Books, Images and Objects


HIS16-364 Colonial Latin America
HIS16-374 Modern Latin America
HIS16-654 Latin American History in Film and Literature
HIS16-664 The Mexican Revolution


PHI18-284 Philosophies of the Americas

Political Science

PSC32-484 Politics of Latin America & the Caribbean
PSC32-614 Latin American Politics
PSC32-764 Advanced Research Seminar in Latin American Politics


SPA15-334 Conversation Through Hispanic Cinema
SPA15-354 Cultures of Latin America
SPA15-504 Selected Topics in Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-514 Readings in Pre-20th-Century Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-524 Readings in Contemporary Hispano-American Literature
SPA15-534 Cultural Memory in Latin America
SPA15-614 Topics in Hispanic Film
SPA15-634 Latin America: Conflicting Use of Art (special topics)
SPA15-654 Citizenship & Conflict in Contemporary Colombian Cinema