Independent Major

Majoring & Minoring

An Independent Major’s course of study must show unity and coherence in examining a set of intellectual issues through the lenses of a range of disciplines.

The major consists of no fewer than 48 semester hours, chosen in accordance with an overall plan: 1) 24 semester hours from one subject area (defined as one group of courses sharing a numerical prefix, e.g. 70-XXX-Studio Art), 18 of which must be above the introductory level; and 2) 24 additional semester hours from other subject areas, 18 of which must be above the introductory level.

After working with the Division/School and Departments to map an individualized curriculum, students’ programs must be approved by the Division/School in which the first 24-hour block falls. The capstone experience is dictated by the requirements of the subject area in the first 24-hour block.