Human Resources

Summer Fun-days Off (SFO) Program

 May 19, 2024 - November 9, 2024 

The SFO program provides benefit-eligible staff members with paid days off during a designated time period in the summer months. For 2024, the designated time period is May 19th through November 9th for all employees hired prior to February 19, 2024.  The timeframe has been extended to allow ample time for employees to use these days off.  This program is separate from regular University Holidays or accrued vacation leave.  

In conjunction with the SFO program, Southwestern University is offering a loan of up to $300.00 to benefit-eligible faculty and staff.  The loan will be interest-free and will be repaid through payroll deductions beginning September 1, 2024 through December 31,2024.  Employees must request and submit the application to the Human Resources department during the designated time period.  Applications for this loan are available May 19, 2024 through August 10, 2024.

Summer Fun-days Off (SFO) Program Overview

Summer Fun-days Off (SFO) Supervisor Q&A

Summer Fun-days Off (SFO) Loan Application