Employee Benefits

Workers’ Compensation

The University participates in a comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance program at no cost to employees.  This program covers any illness or injury sustained in the course of employment that requires medical, surgical or hospital treatment.  Specific information regarding the University’s workers’ compensation insurance policy is available in the Human Resources department.

Employees should report, as soon as possible, all work-related injuries or illnesses to their immediate supervisor for proper processing through the Human Resources department, including the Southwestern University Accident Report.  All workers’ compensation claims are processed and coordinated through the Human Resources department.

If applicable, worker’s compensation leave runs concurrently with Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave.

At no time should an employee’s compensation exceed their regular base salary due to receiving worker’s compensation wage benefits.


What to do if injured on the job

FAQs about the Worker’s Compensation Program

Q & A for Supervisors