Vacation Leave (staff)

The University provides benefit eligible full-time and benefit eligible part-time employees with periods of time off with pay for rest and relaxation purposes. Vacation for benefit eligible part-time employees is accrued on a pro-rata basis. Benefit eligible full-time employees accrue vacation time according to the following schedule:

Nonexempt (bi-weekly paid) employees
Years of Service Accrual Eligibility
Date of hire through completion of the 7th full year Ten days accumulated at the rate of 3.12 hours per pay period. (80 hours per year)

Beginning of the 8th year through completion of the 15th full year

Fifteen days accumulated at the rate of 4.64 hours per pay period. (120 hours per year) 

16 years or more

Twenty-one days accumulated at the rate of 6.48 hours per pay period. (168 hours per year) 
Exempt (monthly paid) Employees  
 Years of Service  Years of Service
Date of hire through completion of the 5th full year  Fifteen days accumulated at the rate of 1 1/4 days per month
 6 years or more  Twenty-one days accumulated at the rate of 1 ¾ days per month 

The University provides this vacation program and encourages employees to plan ahead for scheduled vacation time in order for their department to function effectively. Employees may not receive payment in lieu of taking time off with pay except at separation of employment. Vacations must be approved in advance by the supervisor and the appropriate member of the President’s Staff. Vacations are scheduled at the discretion of the member of the President’s Staff, who may refuse to grant vacation requests when to do so may unduly hamper the efficiency of the department during peak workloads. University holidays occurring during an employee’s vacation period time will not be charged against the vacation time.

Employees are discouraged from postponing their vacations from one year to the next year. With the approval of the appropriate member of the President’s Staff, an employee may carry forward any unused vacation time from one year to the next. The amount of vacation carried forward may not exceed the amount earned in the previous year. If an employee chooses not to take vacation leave and the number of days exceeds the permissible amount allowed to be carried forward, the employee will forfeit the excess time without further notice from the University. It is the employee’s responsibility to keep up with their individual accrual amounts. Employees may contact the Human Resources department for verification of this information.

After successful completion of the initial evaluation period(s), the employee will be eligible to use any vacation leave time he/she may have accrued.

Illness during a vacation leave does not extend the scheduled period or convert the absence to sick leave unless the employee is hospitalized or is ill for at least three days and requires medical attention. In such cases, the employee’s supervisor must be notified as soon as possible and a certification from the attending physician stating the first day of treatment, the diagnosis of the illness or injury, and the duration of the illness or injury must be presented.

Terminating employees will normally be paid in a lump sum for unused vacation time up to a maximum of 21 vacation days (168 hours). Terminating employees may not use accrued vacation time during the termination notice period and also receive compensation for unused leave up to 21 days. After an employee has provided notice of termination, compensable vacation leave pay may not exceed 21 days.