Jury & Witness Duty

Southwestern University recognizes that serving on a jury is not just a privilege, but a civic duty of its employees.  Therefore, the University provides payment up to a reasonable amount to prevent loss of wages during such service.  Any compensation received for jury service will be in addition to the employee’s regular compensation.

When an employee is called upon to serve on a jury, the University will grant the necessary time off with no deduction from accrued leave for up to 30 days.  Employees must use paid vacation days, or go on leave without pay, thereafter.  The employee should provide documentation from the court regarding the jury service for record-keeping purposes to the Human Resources department for filing.

Employees who are required by law to appear in court as witnesses may take time off without pay for such purpose or use vacation time, provided they give the University reasonable advance notice.  Employees who appear as witnesses on behalf of the University will receive their regular pay during such time.