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Blue Cross Blue Shield Prime Therapeutics Prescription Drug Information

For Prescription Drug Benefits Information, use the phone number on the back of your BCBS Member ID card (800.521.2227)


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MDLive VIRTUAL VISITS (effective 1/1/2018)
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Customer Service: 800-521-2227
Group #: 55863
Policy Holder: Employee
Identification #: Unique to each employee

Call Customer Service for:

  • Additional ID Cards
  • Claim Issues

Tips to remember when talking to customer service

  • Document the date,
  • Time of call, and
  • Name of customer service representative

Call Human Resources for all address changes

Behavioral Health Services
Participating behavioral health and chemical dependency professionals and physicians are also listed in this directory. However, before seeing a behavioral health professional or physician, you must preauthorize your care by calling 1-800-528-7264. Blue Cross and Blue Shield preauthorizes services and helps you select a participating behavioral health professional or physician. 

For more information about Blue Cross Blue Shield visit their website

To Locate a Provider, click on Find a Doctor in Your Network with Provider Finder on the BCBS main page. Towards the bottom of the page choose, Regional Directories - View Regional Directories. # 1. Blue Choice (PPO)for health plan, then # 2 Austin for the region and press Go. On the next page under Central, click Austin. Hint: the easiest way to find a Doctor’s name is to look him/her up in the index.

Blue Access on the web.  You will need the Group No. and your ID number to receive a login and password.


Post-Retirement Health Care Benefits

Effective July 1, 1996, the University will no longer provide post-retirement health insurance benefits to new employees hired after that date.  Post-retirement health insurance benefits will only be provided to those employees hired prior to July 1, 1996 who retire from the University with ten years or more of uninterrupted service.  Employees rehired after July 1, 1996 will receive post-retirement health insurance benefits only if they qualified to receive such benefits prior to their termination of employment and subsequent rehire.

Effective January 1, 2014, the University’s post-retirement health benefit program is a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).  For details, please contact the Human Resources department.

The University’s benefit programs may, from time-to-time, be modified, deleted, or amended, at the sole discretion of the University with or without notice.

Early Retirement Health Care Benefits

The University will provide health insurance benefits to employees who retire through the Regular Retirement Plan’s early retirement program and according to the terms of their early retirement program agreement.  For such employees, the University will continue to make a contribution toward the retiree’s Group Health Plan premiums from the date of early retirement until the retiree reaches age 65.  The retiree is responsible for paying any remaining premiums for his/her Group Health Plan coverage, and for his/her spouse’s coverage (if applicable).  When the retiree (or his/her spouse, if applicable) reaches age 65, he/she is no longer eligible to participate in the Group Health Plan.  At that point, the retiree (or his/her spouse, if applicable) may become eligible to participate in the University’s post-retirement health benefit program, which is an HRA plan.  HRA plan participants will receive an annual employer contribution to their account which may be used to pay for health insurance premiums.  For details, please contact the Human Resources department.

The University’s benefit programs may, from time-to-time, be modified, deleted, or amended, at the sole discretion of the University with or without notice.


Have questions regarding your coverage or need help communicating with the insurance carrier?

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