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ALL staff/faculty who will be parking a vehicle on campus at any time must register their vehicle with SUPD using the following google form. PLEASE NOTE that staff/faculty may register up to two different vehicles. Parking decals are non-transferable. 

Register Your Vehicle 

Your completed vehicle registration form will be directly submitted to SUPD. All staff/faculty parking decals will be assigned accordingly and distributed via interoffice mail within 3-5 business days.

Staff/Faculty may park in any parking space designated by a white line across the entrance to the space. Green line spaces are designated for students. Handicapped parking spaces located throughout campus are not restricted by a green or white line and are available to any vehicle legally displaying a handicapped license plate or placard. Violation of the parking regulations may result in fines or the loss of parking privileges.

For additional parking information please refer to the Southwestern University Parking Plan map.

If you have questions concerning this form, please contact us at 512.863.1944 for assistance.