Human Resources

Employee Benefits

As part of the University’s overall compensation package, employees may also be eligible to participate in the University’s various benefit programs or other fringe benefits.

Employees are responsible for timely completing appropriate paperwork to enroll in certain benefit programs.  When a benefit requires an affirmative action (application, beneficiary designation, benefit allocation, or similar acknowledgement or election) on the part of the employee, failure to promptly and timely respond to requests for action from the Human Resources department may cause a loss or suspension in eligibility for the benefit in accordance with the terms of the benefit plans.  In such instances, the University will be under no obligation to retroactively reinstate or otherwise compensate the employee for any loss of benefits attributable to the failure to respond.

The University’s benefit programs and any fringe benefit may, from time-to-time, be modified, deleted, or amended, at the sole discretion of the University with or without prior notice.

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