Special Opportunities

Every fall, we invite a leading historian to come to campus. This prestigious visitor meets with majors and minors, leads a discussion in the Historiography course, and gives a public lecture. This provides our students a wonderful view into how other professional historians work within and advance their field. 

Past Colloquium Visitors:

  • 2014 Jay Winter of Yale University and his work, “100 Years On: Remembering the Great War, 1914-18.”
  • 2013    David Sowell, Riots, Schools and Clinics: Writing the History of Medicine in Latin America
  • 2012    Todd Shepard, “The Algerian Revolution and the Sexual Revolution in France”
  • 2011    Laura Mitchell, “Watercolors and World History: Art in the Service of Empire”
  • 2010   Franklin Knight, “The Eighteenth Century Revolutions and their Legacies: Two Hundred Years Later”
  • 2009    Jeffrey Wasserstrom, “Global Shanghai: From Myth to History and Back Again”
  • 2008   Dylan Penningroth, “The Preacher’s Wife: Law, Divorce, and Respectability among African Americans, 1865-1930”
  • 2007    Monica Green, “The Trial of Floreta d’Ays (1403): Jews, Christians, and Obstetrics in Later Medieval Marseille”
  • 2006    Clifton Crais, “Heterographies: Writing the Self after the Linguistic Turn”
  • 2005    Patricia Seed
  • 2004    Jeremy Suri, “Power and Protest: Global Revolution and the Rise of Détente”
  • 2003    Dorinda Outram
  • 2002    Jean and John Comaroff
  • 2001    Daniel Headrick
  • 2000    Immanuel Wallerstein, “The End of the World As We Know It”
  • 1999    Sara Castro-Klaren
  • 1996    Bruce Cumings, “The Fallacy of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’”
  • 1994    Richard White
  • 1993    Ramon Gutierrez, “When Jesus Came the Corn Mothers Went Away: Marriage, Sexuality, and Power in New Mexico, 1500-1846”