Southwestern University students doing archaeological research

High-Impact Learning

By developing partnerships between faculty, student organizations, local community agencies, and educational and internship programs throughout the nation and abroad, Southwestern enables students to make the most of their entire Southwestern Experience while becoming better citizens able to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

Southwestern University students in the EcoLab

Life-Changing Experiences

Through high-impact experiences, our students learn to think more effectively about their understanding of the world and explore connections across subjects, borders, economic systems, and varying ways of life. These life-changing experiences create the practices of thinking, creating and connecting that last a lifetime.

Southwestern University students in the lab

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At Southwestern, undergraduates become independent researchers who take ownership of their own inquiry. As early as their first year on campus, students are invited to engage in multiple research opportunities. Collaborating with faculty and peers, our students regularly present at professional conferences and even coauthor publications.

Southwestern University student and elephant

Study Abroad and Intercultural Learning

Southwestern students bring a larger perspective to their academic and professional life because they have been exposed to a larger world. Our Office of Intercultural Learning is your pathway to immersing yourself in different languages and cultures through the life-changing experience of studying abroad.

Southwestern University students in the garden

Community-Engaged Learning

Consistent with Southwestern’s core values, the Office of Community-Engaged Learning encourages students to develop and act upon a heightened sense of responsibility to one’s community. This life-enriching experience includes academic, social, and civic engagement and helps prepare students to lead fulfilling lives and contribute not only to their field of study but to the world around them.

Southwestern University student in the art gallery


Two-thirds of Southwestern students participate in an internship; many complete two or three. By experiencing firsthand their areas of interest and working alongside professionals in their fields, students build invaluable knowledge and skills as well as their résumés.