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Student Health Insurance Waiver
Waiving or Early Enrollment in Student Health Insurance

All students are required to have and maintain current health insurance coverage in the Georgetown, Texas area as a condition of enrollment at Southwestern University. 

All student accounts will automatically be charged for the University’s student health insurance plan annual premium for the 2023-2024 academic year. This is a 12-month coverage policy through EIIA from August 10, 2023 to August 9, 2024. For policy questions please go to or call 1-888-255-4029.


For students that already have health insurance that provides coverage in Georgetown, Texas you may choose to “waive” the University Health Insurance Plan by providing the following information at the waiver link prior to the waiver deadline:

  • Your student ID number
  • Your primary insurance information including your insurance carrier name, phone number and ID number

EARLY Enrollment (Strongly Recommended):

If you do not have health insurance coverage or choose to use the Southwestern University student health insurance policy, you are strongly encouraged to complete early enrollment online so that your insurance card will be available on the effective date of coverage, August 10, 2023.  

Things to know about enrolling early:

  • We highly recommend enrolling early into the plan so you will have access to your ID card the day coverage is effective. 
  • If you choose to enroll early, once coverage is effective on Aug. 10 and you are insured for 31 days or incur a medical claim, coverage cannot be terminated.
  • Enrolling is easy – you just need your personal information including your social security number and student ID #
  • Once coverage is effective you will receive an email from United Healthcare so you can set up your account and print your ID card.

If you do NOT enroll early:

  • If you choose not to enroll early online, you will not receive your insurance card until mid to late Sept.
  • Your insurance card may not be available should you have a condition requiring medical attention or emergency at the beginning of the policy coverage period until it arrives in Sept.
  • If you enroll on or after the effective date of coverage, it may take up to 48 hours from the receipt of the enrollment application to be able to access your insurance card.

Where to go to Waive or complete Early Enrollment:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Select the appropriate link below to take action as noted below:

  • To WAIVE coverage, click on “Waive.” This will take you the First Student website waiver page.
  • To complete EARLY ENROLLMENT so that your ID card will be available by the effective date, click on “Enroll” to find the section for enrolling. Click the “Enroll Now” to be directed to the enrollment page.
  • To ENROLL IN THE ATHLETIC SPORTS POLICY, click on the “SU Athletes Only - Enroll in Individual Primary Sports Plan” link which will take you to an enrollment screen specifically for students that do not have the required primary insurance coverage for intercollegiate sports