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Health Education

At Southwestern University, the Health Education sector of the Counseling and Health Center focuses on a wide array of health issues on campus.

Targeted issues include, but are not limited to: high-risk drinking, nutrition, sexual health, physical activity, tobacco and drug abuse, stress, body image, sleep health, and bystander intervention. By providing educational resources, behavior change strategies, guest speaker opportunities, activities, and health education through peers, a multi-level approach promotes overall health in students at Southwestern University. All health promotion materials and programs are founded based on health education principles, theories, evidence-based practices, and up to date research. 

Online Resources

We know that students are busy with school, studying, and extracurricular activities, which is why we want to offer online educational resources for students to access on their own time. The following materials are comprised of presentations with voice over, interactive workbooks, and just plain information to help students get the information they need. Throughout the year, the counseling and health center will be adding different program materials based on the needs of the students. Is there information that you think is important, and that you want added as an online resource? Let the counseling and health center know what topics are most important to you. 


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Suicide Prevention

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Sex Education


Contraceptive Workshop 

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Sexually Transmitted Infections 

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Tobacco Cessation (QUIT) Workbook

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Bystander Intervention

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Sleep and Health

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Performing The Recovery Position

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Understanding the Good Samaritan Policy

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Health Coaching

Students have the option of receiving a 30-45 minute meeting with a Health Educator. During this meeting, students can discuss health behaviors that they want to focus on changing, set goals, and learn strategies to change their behavior. This resource supports SU’s goal of promoting health at the individual level. Available health coaching sessions can focus on tobacco usemarijuana/drug use and alcohol abuse. Contact Brittany Crim to schedule an appointment.

Brittany Crim, PhD, RD, LD
Health Educator
Phone: 512-863-1396