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Institutional Review Board (IRB): The purpose of the Institutional Review Board is to evaluate SU faculty and staff research proposals to ensure that human participants’ rights are protected and that they are treated fairly, respectfully, and safely. With a few exceptions (which are detailed on the IRB website), anyone conducting research with human participants (including research using human tissue or cells) must submit a proposal to the IRB. The IRB website provides extensive information on how to submit a proposal and what forms to use, and any proposal submission must be completed by the Principal Investigator (PI). The IRB requires that the Principal Investigator (PI) have a certification in ethics training, and this information can be found on their website as well. For further information, visit the Southwestern University IRB website.

IRB Website

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ensures institutions are caring for and using animals in ways judged to be scientifically, technically, and humanely appropriate. Southwestern maintains a standing IACUC at all times. IACUC permission must be obtained before any vertebrate animal research is conducted on campus. If your research uses vertebrates, whether studied using invasive or non-invasive methods, please contact Fay Guarraci for information on how to proceed.

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