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Giving Day Social Media

Social Media Tips

Make sure to follow Southwestern University on Facebook (SouthwesternUniversity), Twitter (@SouthwesternU) and Instagram (@SouthwesternU).

Spread the word about Southwestern Giving Day on your personal social media platforms. Post your own #LiftUpSU story on Facebook, tweet why you give back, or post a selfie or picture from your time at Southwestern and highlight what being apart of this community means to you!

Be sure to include #LiftUpSU in your posts so others can see them!

Sample Social Media Posts

February 5 - March 4
  • Save the date for Southwestern Giving Day: 24 hours starting noon March 5! Join me and #LiftUpSU by giving back to support current and future students.

March 5 - 6
  • At Noon on March 5: You have 24-hours to be apart of Southwestern Giving Day! Let’s come together and #LiftUpSU
  • Southwestern changed my life, and I want to pay it forward. Join me and participate during Southwestern Giving Day by giving back to #LiftUpSU!
  • Join me to support current and future Pirates. Together, we can #LiftUpSU!
  • I give back to Southwestern because ____________________. Join me to #LiftUpSU by making your gift today.
  • I give back to support [INSERT DEPARTMENT/AREA]. When you give, you decide what area of campus you want your gift to support! #LiftUpSU

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