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Giving Day Social Media

Social Media Tips

Spread the word about Southwestern Giving Day on your personal social media platforms. Post your own #LiftUpSU story on Facebook, tweet why you give back, or post a selfie or picture from your time at Southwestern and highlight what being apart of this community means to you!

Use the graphics and videos in our Social Media Downloads to boost the visual impact of your posts.

Be sure to include #LiftUpSU in your posts so others can see them!

Sample Social Media Posts

March 13–April 12
  • Save the date for Southwestern Giving Day: 24 hours starting noon April 13! Join me and #LiftUpSU by giving back to support current and future students.

April 13–14
  • At Noon on April 13: You have 24 hours to be a part of Southwestern Giving Day! Let's come together and #LiftUpSU
  • Southwestern changed my life, and I want to pay it forward. Join me and participate during Southwestern Giving Day by giving back to #LiftUpSU!
  • Join me to support current and future Pirates. Together, we can #LiftUpSU!
  • I give back to Southwestern because ____________________. Join me to #LiftUpSU by making your gift today.
  • I give back to support [INSERT DEPARTMENT/AREA]. When you give, you decide what area of campus you want your gift to support! #LiftUpSU

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