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Giving Day Communications Calendar

The Annual Giving office will be sending targeted emails and making social media posts beginning March 16. But your peer-to-peer outreach is essential to our success. Here's a suggested communications timeline for your own messaging:

March 16
Announce Giving Day on social media! Tag your former classmates and friends to encourage them to save the date. Share the official save the date video.

March 16–April 3
Encourage your friends to join you as a Giving Day Ambassador. They can sign up here.

April 3–7
Change your profile and cover photo pictures by downloading the Social Media Graphics.

April 6
Remind your friends that tomorrow is Giving Day

April 7
Make your gift at
Post throughout the day and tag your friends to remind them to #LiftUpSU.

April 8 after 12pm
Share the results and thank you video

Questions? Contact Us

Lauren Light
(512) 863-1208
Wesley Clark
(512) 863-1227