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Giving Day Communications Calendar

The Annual Giving office will be sending targeted emails and making social media posts beginning March 13. But your peer-to-peer outreach is essential to our success. Here's a suggested communications timeline for your own messaging:

March 13
Announce Giving Day on social media! Tag your former classmates and friends to encourage them to save the date. Share the official save-the-date social media posts or use your own.

March 15–April 2
Encourage your friends to join you as a Giving Day Ambassador. They can sign up here.

April 5–11
Change your profile and cover photo pictures by downloading the Social Media Graphics.

April 12
Remind your friends that tomorrow is Giving Day

April 13
Make your gift at
Post throughout the day and tag your friends to remind them to #LiftUpSU.

April 14 after 12pm
Share the results and thank you video

Questions? Contact Us

Lauren Light
(512) 863-1208
Wesley Clark
(512) 863-1227